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They Don’t Make Cars Like They Used To, They Make It Safer

Multiple studies carried out by safety agencies abroad show that auto safety features have been making vehicles much more reliable and durable than ever before.

A study carried out by a Swedish group shows that not only safety features help: design also makes a difference. In the study, black cars appeared to be involved in accidents more often than light-colored cars. Another study carried out by an Australian University also found that black cars were 12 percent more likely to be involved in a crash than white cars. A more visible vehicle could be involved in fewer accidents during the nighttime because others can see these cars in spite of the lack of road lights.

The way we see safety and what accidents have taught us throughout the years have been pushing automakers to develop better and more reliable vehicles in order to keep consumers safe and the number of injuries down. This effort has also shaped the way in which automakers deal with potential risks and vehicle recalls. According to the news, when BMW issued a recall for over 30,000 vehicles over a possible brake assist issue, the recall was not linked to a potential defect, but to an issue that could cause the brake to become faulty over time and use.

The tolerance for mechanical faults and other issues that could increase the risk of accidents is growing thin as the presence of car safety features has become non-negotiable.

More recalls linked to potential problems that are not problems at the moment are issued regularly as companies make it their goal to ensure car owners are not only satisfied with their vehicle’s connectivity technologies and other perks but also safe at all times.

Car makers are required to contact the federal agency overseeing auto manufacturing standards within five days it learns of a potential mechanical defect. Recalls linked to potential defects associated with air bags and other equipment components that may fail when the vehicle is in use are serious and although most recalls are voluntary, the automaker must contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration promptly in order to prevent accidents by warning consumers of the issue.

At this moment, automakers are also focusing on developing more features and technologies in order to increase the number of safety features available to drivers and make sure that the technologies that are already available function properly.

According to recent studies, the main issue to automakers is the increased number of accidents caused by distractions. Safety advocates want vehicle makers to develop technology that would keep drivers from being able to text and drive or use their handheld while the vehicle is being operated. Some push for technologies that would only allow for the driver to pick up their phone once the vehicle is fully stopped and the gear is in Park.

While design and safety features could help you to be safe in the event of an accident, driving defensively and focusing on the road ahead can also make a major difference. Follow this link to read the full article and learn more about the multiple safety features that are available for drivers everywhere.

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