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Third-Row Seats In Tesla Model S Only Big Enough For Kids

According to several experts, the new Tesla Model S is an interesting vehicle that not only offers the driver the opportunity to never have to deal with gas stations in their lives ever again, but also makes a series of incredible technological advancements available to the motorist.

The reports published by the Consumer Reports after its full drive test of the Tesla Model S show that the third-row seat in this vehicle was only designed to carry kids.

Some of Tesla’s claim to fame was that the luxury car could seat up to seven passengers. When experts took the vehicle for a ride they noted that the vehicle is not large enough to hold seven passengers, instead, it can seat five adults comfortably and three kids that aren’t either too small or too big to fit the extra third-row seating that is only available for drivers who are willing to pay for it.

According to experts, the optional seating arrangement could cost up to $1,500 extra, which could be just a bit too much to ask for an extra seat that will only fit kids.

If you’re interested in learning more, click here to read the full review and learn more about this vehicle.

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