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Top Disappointing 2013 Car Models Unveiled By Consumer Reports

Several news agencies have reported that the Consumer Reports published an article showing that several models have been listed under the “cars that fail our tests”. Now, auto experts are urging consumers to make sure to check the list and read more about the particular models to learn the pros and cons of all models before making a decision.

Every year, Consumer Reports issues a report containing details concerning all models of that year and what consumers have been saying about the vehicles. Data concerning consumer satisfaction and reports on Consumer Reports drive tests were used to furnish this report. The Consumer Reports Annual Autos Issue has listed several great cars, but it also shows reports associated with vehicles that unfortunately, have failed miserably in several tests.

Most of these models are below the agency’s recommendation mark and consumers should take that into consideration when looking into purchasing these models.

Some of the most common shortcomings of some of these models include uncomfortable driving position, tepid acceleration, engine noise, and sloppy handling. Some of these models may fail especially if you compare them to others in the same category.  These vehicles are mostly safe and reliable, but most have failed to meet quality standards Consumer Reports tend to hold up vehicles to in order to judge new models.

Some of the vehicles mentioned in this list include the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara model. This model, experts say, offers a poor ride experience, awkward driving position, poor fuel economy and a noisy cabin. The Smart ForTwo is also noisy. The ride can be a challenge and the acceleration is not enough to make consumers cheer with excitement at the idea of getting behind the wheel of this car.

Other models listed include the Scion iQ, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV SE, the Chevy Spark and the Toyota Yaris. Most of these vehicles are noisy and not as comfortable as they could possibly be. Experts say that the Yaris model is equipped with radio control that seem outdated and finish that does not meet high quality standards. Other models that are not recommended by the Consumer Reports include the Toyota FJ Cruiser, Dodger Avenger SXT, Jeep Compass Latitude, Ram 2500 Laramie, Toyota Tacoma and Jeep Patriot Latitude.

Most vehicles that failed and that have made their way into this list offer little when it comes to front seat comfort. For the full article and the full list, click here to read more.

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