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Top-Scoring Car List Published By Consumer Reports

With the reportedly increased concern on how safe and reliable vehicles are, federal organizations and other institutes have been carrying out safety crash tests in order to learn more about what new vehicles may offer when it comes to safety technology.

Consumer Reports recently published a full list of vehicle models that were tested by the consumer protection agency. According to the list, the vehicles were subject to rigorous tests. Vehicles that obtained great safety and quality ratings made the list.

Recent news agencies have been reporting that the new Tesla Model S was the latest vehicle to be tested. The reports seemed promising, according to these articles. The reports indicate that the list shows a great diversity of vehicle models and trims. Some were family-friendly while others were sportier or more luxurious. Every type of consumer will be able to find a vehicle that feeds his or her needs in this list.

According to the experts who reviewed these vehicles, it’s not necessary to spend much to own a vehicle that is worth your time and that is also safe and reliable at the same time.

Consumers are urged to research the vehicles they are interested in purchasing beforehand in order to learn more about what kind of features the vehicle offers before you make up your mind.

According to Consumer Reports, some of the vehicles listed include the Tesla Model S, which is available for $89,650, the BMW 135i, available for $37,650, and the Infiniti G37 sedan, which is available for $37,225. Among the more affordable models, Consumer Reports listed the Honda Accord LX, which is available for $23,270 and the Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE that is available for $29,052.

Some of the other models listed as the best top-scoring vehicles for 2013 include the Audi A6, available for over $56,000, the Infiniti M37, available for $53,825, the Lexus LS 460L, available for $79,354 and the Chevy Corvette Z06, which is available for $79,354. Details involving these vehicles’ full test results can be found at the Consumer Reports website by clicking here.

Hopefully, more automakers understand the importance of developing safer and more reliable vehicles. It’s important that consumers are aware of how dedicated automakers are to the designing and manufacturing of vehicles that obtain better and higher ratings in safety tests. As an attorney, I urge California motorists to ensure their loved ones are safe by only purchasing a vehicle that does well in car safety tests.

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