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Toyota Develops New Light-Weight, Functional Concept Car

Toyota has come up with yet another car concept. This time around, the Japanese automaker teamed up with a French architect to come up with a vehicle that hopes to offer a lighter, more conscious auto design to drivers.

According to some of the experts, this new model called ME.WE has been designed as the “anti-excess vehicle”. The body is light and every corner of the design in this model screams environmentally friendly. Experts have indicated that the new model may suggest how future transportation will look and feel like.

The elaborated model offers as many features as possible to meet the driver’s needs without adding tons of leather, steel and carbon dioxide to the vehicle in order to make the features possible.

The frame is made with aluminium and the minicar could turn into a pickup truck, a convertible, or be simply used as it is. The frame’s wild adaptability is paired with the vehicle’s fully electric wheels to make this vehicle one of the lightest and maybe even more practical available.

The new ME.WE concept is a four-wheel-drive comes with a roof that is made with bamboo and recycled polypropylene plastic, which is basically what the body panels are also made of. Bamboo is also used for the vehicle’s dash, which holds a phone port and a small screen. The vehicle’s two-futon-like benches may surprise some for its simple and practical design. Drivers are capable of removing the rear-bench when they need to use the space for cargo. The bench could also be used as a seat for a picnic.

Practical drivers will enjoy this vehicle for several reasons, including the fact that you can clean the car inside and out with a simple hose.

According to experts, the engine is powered by a lithium-ion set of batteries, which is responsible for turning four electric motors, all linked to the wheels through the device’s hub.

The entire vehicle weighs about 1,653 lbs.

Toyota has stated that this model could answer to the questions of drivers looking for more efficient, functional and uncomplicated means of transportation. The concept is still in its initial phase of testing and the company should soon be able to report whether it will make this model available for production. Details concerning the design can be found here.

It’s exciting to learn that automakers are working on making more functional vehicles to respond to a real need of those who want a practical and easy to maintain small car. As an attorney, I encourage automakers to also keep in mind they must work on safety technologies and solutions that minimize the risks associated with crashes and distractions.

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