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Toyota, Lexus And Scion Top Reliability Ranking

In a recent ranking report published by the Consumer Reports, Toyota, Scion and Lexus, all Toyota brands, scored the top ratings when it comes to consumer reliability during the year of 2012.

According to the agency, consumers submitted their opinion and experiences associated with 1.2 million vehicles of the 2010 through the 2012 model years, including all of the newer Toyota models. Out of all automaker brands, Toyota ranked the highest while Ford and Lincoln ended up plummeting to the very bottom of the ranking listings.

Experts believe that persistent issues with mechanical failures and complicated touch screens are responsible for the bad reviews regarding vehicles manufactured by the once top performers Lincoln and Ford.

According to the official report, out of all U.S. brands, Cadillac was the best performing car maker.

For more on car reliability and how well most companies rated, click here for the full report.

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