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Toyota RAV4 EV Could Be The Best EV Available

Toyota will produce the all electric Rav4 to be sold over the next three years to consumers, at least that’s what several media outlets have been reporting.

The new electric version of the Rav4 has a mile range of 115, which is more than most electric cars currently available to consumers in the United Stated. The charge time for the new SUV will be ranging between 5 and 52 hours, which will depend on the volt it is charging from.

The starting price of this vehicle will be $49,800, the firm has reported. Consumers who purchase this all-electric vehicle will be potentially able to get a federal tax cut of $7,500.  Consumers who happen to live in California will also receive a $2,500 in credit for purchasing the electric car.

For more details on this new electric vehicle, read the full article here:
Toyota RAV4 EV demonstrates the potential for an electric SUV

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