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Turbocharger Technology Could Improve The Car’s Performance

The newly re-invented turbocharger now gives new cars more mpg, which makes larger vehicles more fuel efficient.

Originally designed to improve performance of aircrafts, the turbocharge technology boosts the engine with more fresh air. Turbochargers allow vehicles that are larger and equipped with less horse power to quickly accelerate from stops, or to easily pass or merge onto freeways, while maintening the fuel efficiency of smaller and less powerful vehicles. However, though seemingly perfect, turbocharged engines could add costs to cars ranging from 500 to even 2,000 dollars.

Though a turbocharger is not a new and exotic technology designed for pure performance, it’s the perfect kind of technology that couples performance with fuel economy.

To learn more about turbocharged engines, read the full article here:
Turbocharger Technology Gives New Cars More MPG

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