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Verizon And Delphi Launch Vehicle Diagnostics Technology

According to multiple news sources, a new device has been developed to help parents to track their children’s vehicles, which could help them to keep tabs on how well and safely they are driving.

The new technology is part of a service that has been developed by Delphi. The feature is a vehicle diagnosis technology that consists of a downloadable app that would track the data that easy-to-install modules would collect from the vehicle. Vehicles built since 1996 can be fitted with the device.

The technology works because of its Bluetooth capabilities. This technology enables the communication between the user’s phone and the port installed in the vehicle, which provides info on the vehicle’s health, logs on travel distances and locations the vehicle has visited. The technology also provides other services such as the capacity to lock and unlock the vehicle, locate the car in a parking lot or open the trunk. The technology also allows the person with the app to start the engine remotely if necessary.

The system known as Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi is available through Verizon. According to the company, the technology could cost over $250, which is the base price for the module.

The company offers the service with a contract that includes two years of use. During the two years of the contract, Delphi will provide the data recording technology uninterruptedly. In order to maintain the service, a data plan with Verizon is necessary. The driver could end up having to spend a great amount of money for the privilege of keeping track of what their children are doing behind the wheel.

The functionality of this technology cannot be questioned, especially due to the growing number of teens texting and driving. Because of that, Verizon and Delphi have come together to offer this technology.

As an attorney, I urge California drivers, especially those who had to deal with lemons in the past, to take note of auto safety technologies that could meet their needs and help them to stay safe and maintain their loved ones safe. While purchasing a vehicle, safety should always be a priority. While many automakers offer a series of connectivity and entertainment features, not many offer effective safety technologies. Hopefully, more companies like Delphi and Autoliv are working to develop more devices and features to make driving a much safer and enjoyable experience.

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