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Volvo And CAR 2 CAR Technology Could Make Roads Safer

Multiple specialists have been reviewing Volvo’s new communicating system and, according to the reviews, the technology could save lives.

Volvo Car Corporation decided to come together with CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium to develop a system that would allow vehicles to exchange information that could enhance safety and make the motorist’s life much easier. The focus is to create a CAR 2 CAR communication system ready for consumers in five years.

Volvo has reported that the information cars will be able to exchange can be vital to make roads safer and offer more comfortable rides to motorists.

The reports show that by 2016, the company hopes to have a standardized communication technology that would allow the wireless network to exchange information with other vehicles, without consideration of make.

Engineers are content with the system’s technological advance and hope to have this technology ready for use sooner than later.

For more on this communication system, click here for the full report.

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