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Volvo Develops Pedestrian Airbag System, Gets Innovation Award

According to several news agencies, Volvo Car Group has been developing pioneering technology that would set the trends for the industry and hopefully generate a new series of vehicles that offer enhanced protection to pedestrians as well as drivers and passengers.

In light of reports concerning the creation of the world’s fist pedestrian airbag system, the EuroNCAP agency decided to praise Volvo’s work by awarding the automaker with the 2013 Global NCAP Innovation Award. The agency and several other safety advocates believe that the creation of technology that would make safer conditions available to those who are the most vulnerable.

Volvo’s V40 vehicle, which is fully equipped with the world’s first pedestrian safety airbag system, offers safety by providing the car’s computer with details concerning objects the vehicle is about to come in contact with. If the sensors recognize a human leg, the technology sends signals to the system and air bags are deployed.

At this moment, pedestrian safety is a major issue for both the Unites States and Europe. In the U.S., pedestrian fatality accounts for 12 percent of all deadly traffic accidents while in Europe, it accounts for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities.

Safety regulators believe that it’s important for automakers to feel the market awards their efforts when it comes to developing better and more reliable safety technology.

As an attorney, I’m glad that automakers are focusing on developing better and safer vehicles. I encourage you to read more about this story by following this link.

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