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Volvo Makes Night Driving Easier, And Safer

Several news agencies have reported that Volvo has been working on developing even safer vehicles, especially for those who do a lot of night driving.

According to the reports, drivers often face challenging conditions while driving at night. Volvo decided to enhance visibility to ensure that motorists are safe and aware of what is happening ahead of them at all times. Recent releases show that the Active High Beam Control technology enhances visibility without posing any risk to other drivers.

Experts say that the technology is capable of illuminating the whole road while also illuminating regions that are often shaded, which may help motorists to identify objects, animals or other vehicles at the side of the road.

This technology has been designed as part of the Designed Around You approach that is Volvo’s particular trait. According to the company, Volvo’s Active High Beam Control comes with a shading mechanism that that uses a camera to detect vehicles ahead and dim the lights in order to prevent dazzling of other drivers. The camera the car is equipped with is also used to detect other vehicles in order to activate auto brake systems.

This technology and others are being displayed during the Geneva Auto Show, reports indicate. The company has also reported that more technologies developed to improve and promote safety will be added to new vehicles such as collision-avoiding technologies and other features that promise to reduce injury risks. According to Volvo, by 2020, drivers will be driving vehicles that are injury risk free.

Automakers have been working with federal agencies in order to develop safer and more reliable vehicles, however, Volvo has always been one of the most competent car makers in the world, particularly because of its dedication to making cars that are safer than most. As an attorney, I urge drivers in California, especially those who had to deal with lemon vehicles in the past, to learn more about safety features of the vehicles you’re interested before making up your mind on what car to purchase.

Several automakers have been developing their own safety features. Cars have never been as safe as they are now and motorists should only gain by picking a model that has the best and most reliable safety features of all.

For the full article covering these new safety features and more details on Volvo’s new technologies, you may click here for the full story.

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