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Volvo Promises To Make Crash-Proof Vehicles By 2020

Volvo has reported that by 2020, its engineers will be able to design absolutely crash-proof vehicles that will reduce the number of accidents across the globe dramatically.

According to recent reports, Volvo has developed new technology including the road train system and the City Safety, two technologies that would avoid collisions by either allowing vehicles to follow each other while traveling on the highway or avoiding low-speed collision with the use of a series of sensors and other advanced technologies.

Volvo has reported that by 2020, its innovative technology will include pedestrian airbag, which could reduce the risk of injury in pedestrian versus car accidents dramatically. As a California lemon law attorney, I’m glad Volvo is dedicating itself to promote safety.

To learn more about the crash-proof technology and what that can do to drivers by improving their safety, watch the video below:

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