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Volvo Unveils New S60 & XC60 Models

According to several news agencies, Volvo has unveiled two new vehicles that could change how safety technology is developed when it comes to auto engineering.

Reports show that the 2014 S60 and XC60 SUV models have been updated. The new vehicles come with new headlamps, a new appearance and LED tail lights. The new technology known as Sensus Connected Touch, a system that adds a touch-screen to the infotainment features, has also been upgraded with smartphone connectivity capabilities that would make the lives of drivers much easier with the help of voice-activated technology. This system enables Internet searching and other features with the help of voice-command controls, which would avoid distractions by keeping the driver’s hands on the wheel. Google Maps navigation is also added to this model’s infotainment features.

Safety features like the heated windshield and the permanent high beams promise to make driving much safer, especially for drivers who live in colder areas. Drivers concerned with fuel efficiency will enjoy these models and the new updates. Safety features have also been added to these vehicles, which should make Volvo’s new S60 and XC60 SUV some of the safest vehicles for you and your family.

If you’re interested in learning more about these models and what kind of new features these vehicles were equipped with, click here for the full article.

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