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Volvo’s New Technology Could Make Roads Safer

Volvo keeps innovating by developing new technologies that would help drivers to avoid accidents and make roads safer.

One of the new sets of auto safety technology developed by Volvo would make it possible for headlights be controlled automatically while in use without the intervention of the driver. Experts have reported that during the 83rd International Motor Show, the company unveiled its new Active High Beam Control, which was briefly covered by us previously.

The mechanism would prevent drivers in oncoming vehicles from being blinded by the light produced by Volvo’s headlights while also illuminating enough to keep drivers aware of what is going on around them.

The high beams in these vehicles would stay on at all times. The driver would not have to switch to low beams or high beams while operating the vehicle. According to the company, engineers developed this technology to make the sides of the road more visible, which could help drivers to see parked vehicles, bicycles, animals and pedestrians, which can be very helpful in poorly lit roads. Safety specialists at Volvo reported that sensors would be capable of shading portions of the lights when another vehicle is close or approaching. As soon as the vehicle moves from the Volvo’s field of vision, the sensors would re-light the previously dimmed areas.

According to Volvo, the new technology would be accurate enough to frame the oncoming vehicle with only a 1.5° margin, which is unheard of until this moment. The company has reported that this technology is a world first, and that it could help to increase the driver’s safety. New models with the Active High Beam Control include the Volvo S60, V60 and XC60.

At this moment, only European drivers will be able to enjoy this technology since American regulators haven’t allowed for the technology to be used in the country.

Experts believe this technology could change the way we drive: for better. Automakers have been increasingly working to make safer and more reliable vehicles that will also be more fuel efficient. Volvo has been extremely successful in making reliable and safe vehicles. Hopefully, more technologies like the Active High Beam Control will be developed and updated in order to prevent accidents.  Regulators are still looking into this technology: more details on the technology being available to American vehicles should be available soon.

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