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You Won’t See These Cars In 2014

It’s been reported that several vehicles are not going to be developed for the 2014 model year.

Automakers usually pull the plug on projects that seem to be less popular among consumers.

According to some experts, some of the vehicle models that are not getting a 2014 version may seem like a surprise to some while others seem just fair. The list of vehicle models not being redesigned and reissued in 2014 includes the Azura ZDX. According to experts, this model was not a very popular car from the get-go. Experts say that the ZDX was much more like a spin-off of the Acura MDX, which made this model somewhat obsolete. It was also not one of the experts’ favorites due to the abundance in rear-seat and cargo space for a vehicle that was designed to be a coupe-like car. Its pricey tag may also have been contributed to the fact that the model did not get the best reviews.

The Ford Boss 302 Mustang has also been killed by the automaker, experts say. Mustang vehicles have been known for offering two years of a great model. The two-year special has turned out to be a rule of thumb for any Mustang vehicle, which also happened to the Ford boss 302 Mustang. This model’s last grasp of brilliancy will likely fade with 2013. The company is now working on an all-new Mustang for 2015 during the New York Auto Show.

The Jeep Liberty’s last year was also 2013.

According to experts, this model looks like an SUV but that does not offer enough off-road capabilities to be considered an SUV. Jeep hopes to replace Liberty with the 2014 Cherokee.

Jaguar has also made the list of vehicles that are not making a comeback in 2014. The XF non-supercharged V-8 has been dropped by Jaguar. The XF might not be going anywhere but the supercharged V-6 engine stays while the V-8 version gets to go. The last non-supercharged V-8 version was released for the year of 2013 and that is that.

Experts say that because the Mercedes E-Class is getting a full comeback with a major overhaul for 2014, the E63 AMG models with rear-drive capabilities for standard all-wheel-drive are not going to be available anymore. The E-Class lineup also loses its V-6 turbodiesel engine for 2014.

Other vehicles listed by experts include the Suzuki C30, Volvo C70, the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class, Mitisubishi Lancer Evolution, Nissan Cube, Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet, Scion xD, Subaru Tribeca, Toyota FJ Cruiser and Toyota 4Runner. According to experts, there will be a 2014 4Runner and FJ Cruiser but the changes are not enough to justify calling them new vehicles.

If you would like to learn more about this list and learn more details about the vehicles that are being dropped from the 2014 lineup, follow this link to read the full article.

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