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Ramirez v. EZ Auto Solutions, Inc., et al.

(Note: The parties settled this lawsuit pursuant to a mutually acceptable settlement agreement.)

On June 12, 2012, the Vachon Law Firm filed a lawsuit in the Sacramento County Superior Court against EZ Auto Solutions. EZ Auto Solutions is a popular used car dealership with locations in Northern and Southern California. The Plaintiff, Ruben Ramirez, is a Stockton, California consumer who alleges that EZ Auto Solutions violated numerous California’s consumer protections statutes when it sold him a used car in December 2010. The lawsuit is titled Ramirez v. EZ Auto Solutions, Inc., et al. (Sacramento County Superior Court Case No. 34-2012-00126637).

Allegations in the Complaint Against EZ Auto Solutions

The complaint in the Ramirez v. EZ Auto Solutions lawsuit alleges that Mr. Ramirez visited EZ Auto Solutions at its Sacramento, California used car dealership lot on December 5, 2010. It further alleges that EZ Auto Solutions showed him a used 2006 Pontiac G6 and told him that if he purchased that vehicle the dealership would also sell him a service contract (sometimes referred to as an “extended warranty”) that would provide comprehensive coverage if the Pontiac G6 broke down. The complaint also alleges that Mr. Ramirez agreed to purchase the Pontiac G6, and that EZ Auto Solutions charged him $820 for a National Warranty Corporation service contract.

Mr. Ramirez’s complaint (as filed by his attorney) goes on to allege that after purchasing the Pontiac G6 he discovered that the automobile had previously been registered as a rental car. It also alleges that EZ Auto Solutions knew about the vehicle’s rental history but did not disclose it to Mr. Ramirez. Further, it alleges that although EZ Auto Solutions charged Mr. Ramirez $820 for an extended warranty from National Warranty Company, it never actually obtained any coverage – and never refunded the money that Mr. Ramirez paid for the extended warranty.

Finally, Mr. Ramirez’s attorney has included allegations in the complaint stating that he is not the only victim of EZ Auto Solutions’s alleged illegal conduct. The complaint alleges that EZ Auto Solutions has an illegal business practice of (1) selling prior rental car without disclosing the known rental history, and (2) charging consumers for extended warranties, and then not obtaining the agreed-upon policies.

Click here to read a copy of the complaint against EZ Auto Solutions in the Ramirez v. EZ Auto Solutions, Inc., et al. lawsuit.

Please note: the Sacramento County Superior Court has not yet determined whether the allegations in Mr. Ramirez’s complaint are true, or whether EZ Auto Solutions committed any wrongdoing.