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Hanna v. Karz Plus Dispute

In June, 2011, the Vachon Law Firm represented a San Diego County consumer in negotiating a damages payment from Karz Plus RV arising from her purchase of a used 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse. This dispute was resolved without the filing of a lawsuit, after attorney Michael Vachon, LL.M. sent Karz Plus a demand letter on Ms. Hanna’s behalf. Karz Plus did not admit any liability or wrongdoing but did make a damages payment to Ms. Hanna and agree to pay her attorney’s fees.

Allegations in Hanna v. Karz Plus Dispute

On June 15, 2011, the Vachon Law Firm sent a demand letter to Karz Plus outlining Ms. Hanna’s allegations. The demand letter alleged that Karz Plus had sold Ms. Hanna a used Mitsubishi Eclipse without telling her that it had previously been in a serious accident. The demand letter further alleged that the Mitsubishi Eclipse was in such poor condition that it was unsafe to drive. As a result, the letter alleged that Karz Plus had violated California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act as well as the implied warranty of merchantability imposed by California’s lemon law statute.

Please bear in mind however that Karz Plus denied all of Ms. Hanna’s allegations, and there was never any court finding of whether the allegations are true.

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