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Martinez v. McCune Motors Dispute

The Vachon Law Firm represented San Diego County consumer Irma Martinez in a dispute against the National City, California car dealership McCune Motors. The dispute arose out of Ms. Martinez’s purchase of a used 2006 Chrysler 300 from McCune Motors and was resolved prior to the filing of a lawsuit after the Vachon Law Firm sent a demand letter to McCune Motors on Ms. Martinez’s behalf.

Details of the Dispute with McCune Motors

The demand letter prepared by Ms. Martinez’s lawyer alleged that she had purchased a used 2006 Chrysler 300 from McCune Motors in August, 2011 along with a service contract (often called an “extended warranty) that McCune Motors’s employees had told her would provide coverage for 72 months or 80,000 miles from her purchase of the Chrysler 300.

Ms. Martinez later found out (when she took the Chrysler 300 in for repairs a year later) that the service contract only provided coverage for 72 months or 80,000 miles from the date that it was originally sold as a new car to its first owner. As a result, the Chrysler 300 was no longer under coverage and McCune Motors demanded Ms. Martinez pay for the repairs.

Ms. Martinez contacted attorney Michael Vachon, LL.M., and after a demand letter was sent on her behalf McCune Motors agreed to repurchase the Chrysler 300, refund Ms. Martinez’s money (subject to an offset for Ms. Martinez’s use of the vehicle) and pay her attorney’s fees and costs.

Please note: the allegations in Ms. Martinez’s demand letter were never proven to be true in a court of law. Further, McCune Motors never admitted that it did anything wrong or violated any law. Rather, the dispute was settled pursuant to an agreement in which neither party made any admissions regarding whether the demand letter’s allegations were true.

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