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2012 LR2 and Rage Rover Evoque Recalled

According to several news agencies, Jaguar Land Rover is recalling all units of the 2012 LR2 and Rage Rover Evoque over a possible issue with the caliper retaining bolts that are crucial to the proper functioning of the rear brakes in these vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that this recall announcement was deemed necessary after it was discovered that these vehicles may run the risk of experiencing a brake issue since the brake caliper may become detached if the caliper bolts are not torqued sufficiently. If the item comes detached while the vehicle is in use, it could also strike a wheel, which could eventually cause the tire to deflate unexpectedly, leading to a possible crash.

To prevent accidents, affected vehicle owners are being asked to contact the manufacturer to have this issue promptly repaired as soon as possible. Any repairs or replacements will be performed for free, the federal agency has stated.

Hopefully, incidents or injuries associated with this recall will not be reported. Too often, accidents are caused by defective car parts before a proper recall announcement is issued by the NHTSA or the automaker responsible for the defective car.

If you own one of these vehicles or know someone who does, click here to read the full report.

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