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2012 Tesla Model S Briefly Tested

The 2012 Tesla Model S has been touted as the vanguard of the new luxury electric vehicles by its manufacturer.

According to an official road test report issued by specialists, the first delivery of these expensive performance cars, priced over $100,000, was in late June of 2012. Only then, customers were able to test the vehicle and learn more about its performance, pros and cons.

The company did not allow extended test drives prior to the delivery, but did permit some driving on a short test route. Experts say that the acceleration and handling they experienced during the short test were both very impressive for a car of its weight (well over two tons). Inside, there is a large touch screen that controls many of the vehicle’s functions. Consumers were impressed.

To learn more about this new vehicle and its first road test, read the full article here:

2012 Tesla Model S First Drive

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