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All-Electric Car Developed By Detroit Electric

Multiple news agencies have reported that Detroit Electric has launched its two-seat vehicle that runs entirely on electricity.

This sports car is the first model entirely developed by the Detroit Electric Company. There will only be 999 units of the SP:01. The vehicle is subject to US safety regulations but that, in spite of being tested by the federal agency, this vehicle has been applied for exceptions, which is a common practice among manufacturers responsible for a low-volume production.

The whole vehicle is made with carbon fiber and its interior is very similar to the Lotus Exige’s interior. The major difference between the Exige and the SP:01 is the fact that the small sports car is fitted with a Smartphones Application Managed Infotainment system.

This technology provides a series of features and access to functions that include the vehicle’s battery status, braking-adjustment technology, range to recharge, etc.

The new SP:01 can take up to eight hours to charge if hooked up to a common 240-volt, 12-amp circuit. If the vehicle is hooked up to a 240-volt, 32-amp charger, however, the charging period drops to four hours and 20 minutes.

Consumers may take this vehicle home for $135,000, reports show. The company has reported that high-performance variants of this model are scheduled to make their debuts in the near future.

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