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Lawsuit Alleges That Allstar Kia Modified Credit Application

New Lawsuit Against Allstar Kia

The Vachon Law Firm announces the June 28, 2012 filing of the lawsuit Lomeli v. Allstar Kia, et al. in the San Bernardino County Superior Court (Case No. CIVDS1207246). The plaintiff is a Colton, California consumer who is being represented by the Vachon Law Firm. The named defendants are Allstar Kia, a San Bernardino, California car dealership, and Kia Motors Finance.

Allegations Against Allstar Kia

The lawsuit’s complaint alleges that the plaintiff, whose only income is her social security check, went to Allstar Kia after seeing an ad the dealer published toting a “Cash for Clunkers” event. Accordingly to the complaint, Allstar Kia offered to pay up to $5,000 for the trade in of clunker automobiles. The complaint goes on to allege that the plaintiff went to Allstar Kia, where she purchased a 2012 Kia Rio based on Allstar Kia’s assurances that she would receive a $5,000 credit for her trade-in vehicle. However, the complaint asserts that Allstar Kia took advantage of the plaintiff’s age, medical conditions, and limited English-language skills to trick her into signing a contract in which she received only $500 for her trade in. The complaint further alleges that Allstar Kia falsely inflated the plaintiff’s income on her credit application to get her financed for a deal that she could not afford.

Based on these allegations, the complaint asserts causes of action against Allstar Kia for violating the Consumers Legal Remedies Act, fraud, violating the Credit Services Act, and unfair competition. Click here to read a copy of the complaint against Allstar Kia.

Note: The San Bernardino County Superior Court has not made any determination of whether the complaint’s allegations are true.

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