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ANCAP Publishes Results Of Recent Crash Tests

According to a series of news agencies, multiple models have received 5-star ratings in recent crash testings carried out by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program.

The reports show that the new round of testing has resulted in five models receiving the top ratings. The Australasian New Car Assessment Program shares the same basic criteria to test vehicles with the Euro NCAP, reports indicate. Four SUV models have made it to the top of the safest vehicles: the new Kia Sorento, Infiniti FX, Hyundai Santa Fe and the new Mitsubishi Outlander. Citroen’s DS4 has also made it to the list of safest vehicles tested by the Autralasian program.

The news agencies covering these tests have indicated that the models that achieved the best results in most of the crash tests include the Santa Fe and the Outlander, achieving 35.63 and 35.58 respectively. The total amount of points the vehicle can score adds up to 37.
No models tested got 1 or 2 star ratings, reports indicate.

The Mahindra Pik-Up model tested by the ANCAP has received a 3-Star rating.

Consumers hoping to purchase new vehicles in the near future should do their research first to identify the safest and most efficient vehicles before actually purchasing any model.

For more on the ANCAP ratings and the models tested, click here to read the full article.

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