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Authorities Used Auto Tracking To Hunt Boston Bombing Suspects

Multiple news agencies have been reporting that during the city wide hunt for the two suspects associated with the Boston bombings, the technology that some Mercedes-Benz vehicles are equipped with helped the authorities to track down the fugitives.

According to several publications, while the authorities declined to offer any details concerning how the tracking system that mbrace2 offers helped them with the hunt, Mercedes-Benz USA claimed that the company was contacted on April 19 while the hunt was ongoing in order to provide the GPS location of the vehicle that was reportedly stolen by the suspects.

The company verified if the request had really come from the authorities and used the Stolen Vehicle Location function in order to track down the 2013 ML350 vehicle that had been stolen by the two men attempting to escape after being pinned down as main suspects in the Boston bombing case.

According to several news reports, over 260 people were injured and three people were killed as a result of the bombing in Boston during the marathon.

Mercedes-Benz’ mbrace3 is one of the systems that offer features that were developed to help the authorities to track down vehicles that are stolen. In cases such as the hunt for the Boston bombing suspects, the technology was highly helpful by allowing law enforcement agencies to avoid engaging in a more complicated hunt by finding the vehicle’s exact location with the help of the tracking system.

Other companies like General Motors offer OnStar, which also provides a tracking system if the vehicle is stolen. Tracking technology could help car owners and authorities by providing the vehicle’s exact location, making searches less risky and the capture of the perpetrators of the crime more efficient.

During the last several years, automakers have been working hard to develop not only more efficient engines and designs. They have been working on technologies that make new cars much safer and reliable than they have ever been. Tracking technology is only one façade of the innovation that has been possible due to the dedication that is being translated into the development of new features and functions.

Hopefully, automakers will continue to do a great job in developing safety and other preventative features that will make accidents, injuries and thefts less likely to occur.

You can follow this link to read the full article and learn more about the Mercedes-Benz tracking technology and how it helped the law enforcement agencies.

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