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Auto Technology Warns Driver Of Imminent Risks, Erratic Driving

According to several news agencies, a new car safety system would warn the driver if he or she is driving in an unsafe manner.

The technology known as a safe driving promotion system  senses when the driver is doing a poor job at the wheel like driving too close to other vehicles or driving at high rates of speed. This system will let drivers know that their behavior could cause accidents in certain cases. Cameras, radars and laser sensors will be used to analyze how distant the car is from the vehicle traveling ahead. If the system notices that a crash could occur, the technology will relay a message on a monitor that would warn the driver of the risk. The developers of this system believe that only by showing how dangerous the erratic driving of some motorists can be, motorists will be aware of the risk and get back to their senses.

According to one of the developers, a sense of danger is awakened and the driver will feel compelled to either slow down or refrain from driving dangerously.

Hopefully, more safety advocates will work in developing safety technologies that will help to keep drivers from being injured in auto accidents.

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