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Autonomous Vehicle Technology Tested By NHTSA

According to several news agencies, the government will be initiating a research to look into autonomous vehicles and how close this technology is to being developed to consumers nationwide.

A safety official has reported that, this technology must be tested by federal agents in order to ensure consumers will be driving a reliable and safe vehicle equipped with the driverless car system. According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration spokesperson, this technology represents the future for the automobile industry. Google has been working in this technology and the automaker Volvo has also developed its own research into the technology. Now, the automaker, Google and Washington are discussing the future of automated cars before the vehicles are introduced to consumers everywhere.

The method implemented by the driverless cars could eventually reduce the risk of accidents considerably and make roads safer for all drivers and pedestrians.

Hopefully, the auto industry along Google will be able to develop an automated system that will take the driver error out of the equation and keep drivers away from harm’s way. Auto safety technology has evolved greatly in the last couple of years and we hope automakers are fully dedicated to making vehicles more reliable.

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