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BMW Unveils New 1-Series Lifestyle Lineup

According to a series of news agencies, BMW has reported it will unveil its 2013 1-Series Lifestyle Edition Coupe and Convertible models in the next Detroit Auto Show.

The reports indicate that this new model will be available in three different exterior styles. The Mineral White metallic will be only available to consumers who opt to purchase the special edition while the convertibles will be equipped with a brown soft-top that will reportedly offer drivers a variation of light effects due to the top’s silver pigmentation. The Lifestyles editions will make its official debut in January, until then, the company has stated that the model will be available across the entire 1-series’s powertrain lineup, which is less details than most BMW aficionados were hoping to obtain.

Experts believe that these new models will be equipped with interiors in brown with accents in white, that will serve as a nice contrast to the wood trim. The Detroit Auto Show is poised to reveal several new technologies and models that are reportedly being designed to change how the industry functions. Experts are excited about the event.

Consumers who are looking forward to the launching of BMW’s 1-series Lifestyle models, click here to read more.

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