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Car Care Tips For Young Car Owners

Teen drivers should not only pay attention to hazards while on the road, they should also be aware that maintaining their vehicles could also prevent serious accidents in the future.

According to a recent report, teens should follow some simple maintenance and safety tips to have a healthy driving experience during the holidays. Experts urge teen drivers to keep in mind that one of the most important things they must remember is to know their vehicle’s maintenance intervals in order to keep up with service and repair issues that could turn out to be serious in the long run.

Every car has its own maintenance schedule, which can be found in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Changing the oil of your vehicle when it’s due and keeping up with other basic maintenance repairs can keep the engine running smoothly for a much longer period of time.

Teen drivers and car owners in general should also remember that tire maintenance is extremely important. Keeping your tires with the proper air pressure could help drivers save on gas and prevent accidents. Examining the tires for tears or other damage should be your routine every time you stop for fuel.

Teen drivers have a tendency to ignore warning lights in their vehicle’s dashboards, which could be potentially hazardous. Specialists have asked teen drivers and inexperienced car owners to remember that if the dashboard is telling the driver that the vehicle is experiencing an issue, the motorist should check the owner’s manual or go to an authorized dealer to identify the problem. If the Check Engine lights is blinking, drivers should simply pull over as soon as possible. Issues with fuel vapor leaks to faulty MAF sensors could pose serious risks. If you continue to drive with the check engine light on, the issue could eventually damage the engine.

Car owners should also avoid allowing the vehicle to run low on fuel, which could potentially cause issues to the in-tank electric pumps. Operating a fuel-injected engine simply on fumes could lead to repairs that could turn out to be costly. Taking care of other simple things like your windshield and lights, could also help you to stay safe by increasing visibility and helping you to have a better notion of what’s going on around you while in traffic.

Regardless of how well you drive, remember to slow down. One out of every five car accidents happens because drivers are driving at high rates of speed, according to a recent study. Prevent crashes by maintaining your car and always driving safely.

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