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Car-To-Car Communicative System Tested By Toyota

Toyota has reported that the company’s engineers have been testing the car-to-car communication system they have developed and according to the news, these tests have been recently completed in a facility the size of three baseball stadiums.

According to the news, the vehicles tested by the automaker were equipped with the Intelligent Transport System, which is fully equipped with sensors that transmit information regarding traffic information to other vehicles. This system may also warn drivers about blind spots and even the presence of pedestrians, which could eventually prevent accidents.

Reporters were able to witness a test that happened Monday and according to some accounts, a pedestrian triggered the system’s warning system and a beeping sound went off to warn the driver that a pedestrian is about to cross at a nearby intersection. Vehicles may also alert the driver about red lights if the motorist is unaware of an imminent red light ahead.

The automaker is confident that the system will be ready to be tested on real roads in Japan in the near future. The possible tests may run in the first part of 2014.

According to the reports, similar tests are being planned to be run by the automaker in the U.S., which could help to improve the system to make it safe for the American audience since 1.2 out of all car crashes happen at intersections, which are spots that may be difficult to see due to lower visibility.

Hopefully, more tests will be run and more vehicles will be equipped with safety technology that will offer safety to drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
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