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Center Acura Named in Curbstoning Lawsuit

Center Acura Accused of Off-Lot Auto Sales

The Vachon Law Firm announces the filing of the lawsuit Carpenter v. Center Acura, et al. in the San Diego County Superior Court (Case No. 37-2011-00101334).

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that Center Acura engaged in “curbstoning” by showing and selling a 2002 Toyota Highlander at a location other than its dealership lot. Under California law, car dealerships are permitted to sell vehicles only at licensed locations. The plaintiff’s complaint further alleges that Center Acura advertised a vehicle for sale on Craig’s List, and then showed and sold it to Ms. Carpenter – not at their Los Angeles County dealership lot – but instead in Coronado, California. Additionally, the complaint alleges that the Toyota Highlander is defective and thus breaches the implied warranty of merchantability.

Note: The Court has not made any determination of whether the complaint’s allegations are true.

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