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Drivers Like Collision Avoidance And Blind Spot Monitoring Technology

According to a recent study carried out by Swapalease.com, drivers support safety features and would like to see more of certain items in their vehicles.

The survey shows that one of the most popular features is the blind spot monitoring. According to the report, 63 percent of surveyed drivers responded they would be happy if their vehicles were equipped with this device while 53 percent replied they would be excited about collision avoidance features.

This survey shows that car owners would like to have more features that would help them to be safer while behind the wheel. Other features also mentioned by the survey included fatigue-reducing zero-gravity seats, large touch-screens and voice command.

According to the survey takers, drivers did not seem too pleased with some features like center-mounted airbags, push button gear selector, in-car Facebook apps or foot-activated lift-gates.

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