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Experts Weigh In On The 2008 Ford Escape Popularity

The popularity of the 2008 model of the Ford Escape made several experts look into the vehicle’s specs and qualities. According to road test reports, Ford it seems, has married two of its best concepts into the popular 2008 Escape: the quality many loyal pickup truck owners are already familiar with, and the affordability of the popular SUV.

Specialists say that what disappoints is that both the acceleration and fuel economy is unimpressive by today’s standards. The Escape travels 0 to 60 miles in just about 10 seconds and averages a hefty 17 mpg while on the road.

The drive, specialists confirm, feels much more truck-like. However, some bright spots for the popular 2008 models of Escape vehicles include some good safety features and a more competent braking system as well as a more polished SUV look.

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2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Road Test

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