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External Airbag Designed To Keep Pedestrians, Cyclists Safe

Several news agencies have reported that a Danish design company will be producing an exterior airbag for vehicles.

The reports show that the device will be designed to ensure cyclists are safe when involved in an accident with a vehicle. With the help of external cameras, the vehicle’s onboard screen will show the driver just how likely an accident is and, if the accident risk is high, the car will brake itself automatically and the external airbag will inflate.

According to the designers of this new exterior airbag, the feature was designed with every aspect of an auto versus bicycle accident in mind. Reports show that this feature has also been tested for a whole year before the design as completed.

Every year in the Netherlands, 200 cyclists and 70 pedestrians are fatally wounded in collisions with cars.

According to the reports, one model of Volvo vehicles is already sold with exterior airbags in Europe. Hopefully, more ingenious devices will be designed in order to make cyclists safe while riding their bikes.

Hopefully, more automakers will develop technology to make drivers, cyclists and pedestrians safe everywhere.

For the full article disclosing more details on this new safety feature and how it can save lives, click here.

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