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GM Unveils All-Electric Spark Model

According to recent reports, the automaker GM has unveiled the new electric version of their Chevrolet Spark model.

The new model was launched at the LA Auto Show and according to specialists, the vehicle will be available next summer in California, Oregon, South Korea and Canada. This version will run in a full electric mode and unlike the Chevy Volt, it will not come with a backup gas engine. The automaker hasn’t revealed the results of recent tests and experts are still unaware of how far the vehicle will go on one charge.

GM claims that the new Spark model will top the best electric vehicle performers like the Ford Focus when it comes to miles per charge.

The automaker has reported that the all-electric mini-car will be less costly than most electric vehicles, however, a final price has not been set just yet.

The Spark model that runs fully on electric power is poised to be much more expensive than GM’s gasoline-run Spark model that starts at $12,245.

The auto industry has been working hard to present better solutions to consumers who are interested in vehicles run on alternative fuels. Hopefully, more automakers will come with their own models and technology that will make vehicles more affordable and much more reliable in the future.

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