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Honda Is NHTSA’s New Target, Odyssey Vehicles Under Investigation

According to a series of news agencies, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that it is opening an investigation into 2003 and 2004 Honda Odyssey models that would affect at least 320,000 units of these vehicles.

The reports show that the minivans are being investigated after the agency received at least six reports concerning inadvertent airbag deployment, which in some cases led to injuries. This could be a serious issue if it occurs in the event of a severe accident. Serious or even fatal injuries could be reported in case air bags are not deployed promptly in the event of the accident.

The federal agency has stated that at least three consumers were injured. To prevent future injuries, the agency decided to look into this problem. In case it identifies an issue with the vehicle’s equipment, a recall will be issued.

The automaker failed to respond news reporters’ queries concerning the probe announcement.

According to the agency, however, this issue could be linked to Chrysler products, which uses a supplier linked to other vehicles that were known to fail to deploy promptly. Up to this moment, Honda Odyssey owners are not being asked to act upon this investigation. After the probe is carried out, the federal agency will have word on what affected consumers should do. According to the agency, the issue could be linked to a defective component that could be exposed to an over-stress condition, which could then lead to an inadvertent air bag deployment, exposing drivers and passengers to serious injury risks.

The NHTSA has reported that additional 41 complaints linked to Odyssey warning lights being illuminated inadvertently were registered.

It’s important for consumers to always stay on top of recall news in order to learn more about a potential problem that could lead to a serious injury or accident. Too often, accidents occur before the recall is issued, which could be the case with the Honda Odyssey models that are now being investigated.

If you believe you be affected by a potential recall announcement linked to the Honda Odyssey models, follow this link to read more about this probe. As an attorney, I hope that the NHTSA investigates this matter promptly and addresses the risks associated with these vehicles as quickly as possible in order to prevent even more serious injuries linked to these vehicles in the future. California drivers with any complaints or concerns related to this probe may contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to have your questions addressed by federal agents.

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