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Hyundai Recalls Vehicles But Doesn’t Call It A “Recall”

Several news agencies have indicated that in Australia, over 200,000 Hyundai vehicles will have its brake switches replaced for free over a potential defect. Despite the fact several vehicles have been “recalled” to have this issued eradicated, the company hasn’t described the process as being the same as a recall.

The reports show that a spokesperson for Hyundai stated that because the brake switched could cause a delay in the brake light, it could also affect other computer systems in the vehicles. These systems are linked to the vehicle’s brake pedal.

The company reported this is a minor issue and that it hasn’t affected the switch in many cars, however, it’s working with car owners to have the switches replaced for free. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, this issue is not a safety issue, which makes a former recall in the country unnecessary.

As an attorney, I hope automakers are more alert and are able to notice these issues before the vehicles are distributed to dealerships. Consumers who have had the experience of owning a lemon understand the frustration linked to owning a defective vehicle. For more details on this brake problem and how Hyundai is getting it fully repaired, click here for the full article.

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