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Hyundai To Develop Pickup Truck Model

According to several news agencies and auto experts, Hyundai has reported it may be considering developing a new pickup model, which could mean that the company is ready to break into the all-American segment for once and for all.

The reports indicate that the company is weighing up whether Hyundai is ready to develop a pickup truck and whether the new model would appeal to its consumers and to a whole new group of different motorists.

A spokesperson revealed that while the company covers every segment, it lacks a pickup truck model. They are still thinking about what kind of pickup truck to develop, if it would be a compact model or a large one and if there’s space in the market for yet another truck model. While negotiations are ongoing, further details concerning when the vehicle is expected to be launched haven’t been disclosed.

As an attorney, I hope the automaker focuses on developing reliable and safe vehicles that meet the needs of consumers and keep them safe while doing so. California drivers wondering about this new type of vehicle and if Hyundai is serious about this possibility may follow this link to read more on this story.

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