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IIHS Tests Midsize Family Cars

According to recent reports issued by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, mass-market midsize family vehicles have obtained better results in recent crash tests than luxury vehicles.

The reports show that the tests demonstrate that when these vehicles crash into a narrow object, passengers are more protected inside of a midsize family car than a luxury vehicle. Out of 18 models of moderately priced midsize 2013 vehicles, 13 models rated good or acceptable in the new crash test recently developed by the IIHS. Only 11 models of luxury vehicles were able to obtain the same safety ratings in this new test.

The test known as “narrow offset” involves crashing the vehicle into a thin object placed vertically before the car. The test was designed to recreate an accident involving a pole or a tree. Most government crash tests involve testing the vehicle by having it crashed into a flat surface. According to the reports, this frontal test concerns a much more severe type of collision.

According to the article, the vehicles in the midsize family car category that obtained the top “good” score included the Suzuki Kizashi and the New Honda Accord sedan. Luxury models that got the “good” rating included The Acura TL and the Volvo S60.

For more information on the car crash tests performed by the IIHS, click here.

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