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Infiniti’s 2013 FX37 AWD Almost Like 2012 Model

Multiple news agencies have indicated that the new Infiniti FX37 AWD has made its debut and is now being road tested.

Experts have taken this model for a ride to find that not much has changed since its previous model. According to the reviews, Infiniti’s sporty FX model got a full redesign for its 2012 model and a new engine for its 2013 model. The latest variant comes with a 3.7-liter V-6 engine, increasing the vehicle’s power and making this model much more competent than its last version.

The 2013 version is also much more expensive than its latest version. Experts say that the 2013 FX37 is exactly $1295 more expensive than the 2012 model. The luxury crossover can be equipped with a series of different bundles of features that would also drive the vehicle’s price up.

According to experts, this model is an excellent option for drivers looking for a luxurious and powerful crossover, but not a great option for those who are not willing to pay more for the significant hype associated with the redesign and new engine model.

California motorists are urged to do their homework and research multiple models before settling on one particular car. As an attorney, I encourage you to take multiple factors into consideration while looking for the perfect vehicle for you and your family such as safety, fuel efficiency and affordability.

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