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Lotus Launches New Evora Model For 2013

According to a series of news agencies, the new Lotus Evora for 2013 has made its official debut.

Experts have been reviewing the new model and according to one account, this vehicle offers a sharp handling in spite of its many cons such as the very limited rear visibility, which may be due to its peculiar design.

Reviews show that the speed aficionado may be enthusiastic about the new Evora, due to the vehicle’s razor-sharp handling and competent engine. This vehicle’s design is a plus to consumers looking for race-track-looking rides. In spite of the great fuel efficiency and overall competent performance, this vehicle may not be for drivers looking into riding with passengers frequently. According to experts, this model’s rear seats are so small it’s hard to imagine anybody but the driver having a good time with this car.

For the full review and more on this particular car, follow this link to read more.

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