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Mazda Recalls 2001 Through 2006 And 2008 Tribute Vehicles

Several news organizations have reported in recent articles that over 200,000 units of Tribute vehicles are being recalled.

According to the reports, Mazda decided to issue the recall for all units of the 2001 through 2006 and 2008 models of Tribute cars over a lack of clearance between the speed control cable connector and the engine cover. The firm reported that because of an inadequate amount of space between those two components, the throttle could become stuck if the driver fully presses the accelerator pedal.

If the throttle becomes stuck, the vehicle could accelerate to extremely high speeds and the driver would then lose control of the car for being unable to slow it down. To prevent this from happening, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has urged consumers to contact Mazda right away to have this issue repaired.

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