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New Chevrolet Stingray Gets A Price Tag

According to several news agencies, the pricing for the new Chevrolet Stingray Coupe and Convertible models have been finally made public.

Chevrolet has recently unveiled the final pricing for the basic models and their several packages. According to Chevrolet, the basic Stingray model with the hardtop starts at $51,995. The model with the droptop starts at $56,995. The vehicle is available with many more standard features than its previous 2013 model. The 2014 version comes with a seven-speed manual transmission and a series of high-performance features that make this model even more interesting. Its carbon-fiber hood is also a new treat as well as the vehicle’s LED headlight accents.

The engine is also all-new. It’s a 6.2-liter small-block engine is fully capable of getting 450 horsepower, which is more than what last year’s model got.

Tests have shown that the new vehicle could go from stopped to 60 mph in about 4 seconds.

One of the packages the vehicle is available with includes an electronically controlled limited-slip diff, extra cooling features for brakes, tighter gear spacing with the manual gearbox, bigger and more powerful brakes, design tweaks that make the vehicle more efficient and even upsized wheels and tires.

Other packages also include GM’s Magnetic Ride Control and other systems that offer a performance traction-management system.

You can read more about this model and the features they are equipped with by following this link.

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