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New Toyota RAV4 Fails In Crash Test Performed By NCAP

Toyota’s new RAV4 has been tested for safety by the NCAP and according to the reports, it lost critical points during the frontal impact test because the dummy showed the air bags failed to inflate enough to keep its head from hitting the steering wheel.

According to recent articles, as soon as the airbag was deployed, the dummy’s head flattened the air bag, which caused it to hit the steering wheel. If that were to happen in an accident involving the RAV4, the driver’s head would have been injured.

During other tests, however, the vehicle performed well, receiving five stars in the overall Euro NCAP safety assessment.

While compared to other models in its class, the new RAV4 offers less safety features. According to the reports, this model performed well in crash tests that recreated accidents involving poles or trees.  Because most family SUV models now come with so many updated and innovative safety technologies, the new RAV4 may not be as popular as its competitors.

As an attorney, I hope that automakers keep in mind that safety should be their number one priority at all times, especially while designing a vehicle. If you have dealt with a lemon in the past and you are looking for a new car, make sure you research the models’ specs and their safety scores beforehand.

For the full article concerning the new RAV4 and its NCAP safety tests, click here for the full article.

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