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Nissan Launches Redesigned Pathfinder In NYC

Nissan showed off its new Pathfinder SUV recently and according to some experts, the new Pathfinder features an innovative three-row seating and a 3.5 liter V6 engine.

Passengers can use the new “Latch and Glide” feature found in the new model to move second-row seats, even with an attached child’s car seat. However, the second-row seats are less comfortable than the third-row reclining seats.

The Pathfinder gets about 21 mpg overall, which is not bad considering the vehicle’s size. The new Pathfinder’s engine produces 260 horsepower. Other add-on options include an all-wheel drive system, heated steering wheel, oversized moonroof, and around-view monitor with four cameras.

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Nissan rolls out redesigned Pathfinder in NYC

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