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Owning A Car Without Going Into Debt May Be Tough

Taking on the challenge of owning a car is a big step, most car owners know this but what most car owners are terrified of is that many face the risk of purchasing a vehicle and going into debt since having the money to buy a car and pay for it upfront is, most of the times, impossible.

Experts have taken on the task to show car owners that it can be done. You can own a debt-free car. A specialist obtained a 1996 Lexus and took on the task of keeping it going for at least 15,000 miles without spending much on it. The test has showed the expert that he almost achieved that milestone and think the vehicle can make it to 20,000 miles.

For more on this experiment, read the full article here:
The Debt-Free Car Project Chapter 6: Midyear Check-In

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