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Potentially Distracting Traffic Apps Offer Drivers Alternative Routes

Engineers, scientists and app designers have been trying to come up with smart and easy ways to help drivers to stay away from heavy traffic for quite sometime and although technology has advanced greatly in the past ten years, drivers still find themselves stuck in traffic without the help of a reliable GPS system to help them.

According to the news, developers have started to launch several apps that help drivers to communicate with one another, which in theory would help motorists to drive more harmoniously.

One of the most popular apps is the Waze, which is an app that is continuously monitoring the traffic to help drivers to avoid gridlock. The app assists the driver through directions and keeps the motorist aware of what the conditions of the road are like for other drivers. By sharing the data of your own driving experience that is being sent to the app, other drivers will also know what the conditions are on the road you’re traveling.

Developers hope to see drivers making a habit of using this app because the main idea is to keep all drivers aware of what is going on with the roads everywhere, in other words, turning the app on only when you need directions is not going to help anybody.

Another popular app is TomTom, an app for iPhones and iPads that will give drivers the option of following an eco-route, which will help drivers to safe on fuel while lane guiding motorists who aren’t familiar with the roads they are traveling. According to the developer of TomTom, roads change every year and because of that, apps designed to assist the driver should be updated periodically.

With Twist, drivers are able to communicate with those who are waiting for them by calculating the estimated arrival time and by automatically texting the result to those who are expecting you. The app saves the driver from texting and driving and keeps others informed of his or hers location.

Although many of these apps are interesting and could help you to save time, some consider the very usage of any of these apps a distraction and a hazard.

Holding your cellphone or smartphone while you are behind the wheel to turn any of these apps on or follow instructions of a GPS system could lead you to become distracted and an accident could occur. Before purchasing these apps and using them regularly, make sure you’re not breaking the law by using your handheld behind the wheel.

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