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Scion Releases The Pricing For Its New 10 Series

Multiple news agencies have indicated that the company has priced the new Scion 10 Series.

According to the reports, the new lineup of Scion’s 10 Series for 2014 can come in a series of trims. The 10 Series tC model with manual transmission are set to be available for $22,195. The automatic transmission version is going to be available for $23,195. Other models include the 10 Series FR-S that is available for $28,180 if it’s equipped with a manual transmission or $23,195 if equipped with an automatic transmission.

The iQ model should be available for $18,605 while the xB will be available for $19,965 manual or $20,915 with an automatic transmission.

The new 10 Series xD are available for $18,910 with the manual transmission or for $19,750 for the automatic transmission.

All vehicles of the 10 Series come with silver paint and silver seatbelts. The vehicles are equipped with Scion badges that, when the car is unlocked, glow blue. All vehicles also come with big light-up Scion logos on the dashboard, which experts believe are a bit too much of a distraction. The car also comes with a touch-screen to make the audio controls easier to use.

You can learn more about this new series and the prices of the new vehicles by clicking here.

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