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Study Indicates That Fuel Economy In U.S. Is At All-Time High

Reports show that a recent study at the University of Michigan is indicating that fuel efficient cars have increased the national average fuel economy by 18 percent since the new fuel-economy standards took effect in 2007.

In 1923, statistics show that the average fuel economy was 14 mpg, but saw decreases in 1973 and finally an increase again to 17.2 mpg in 2007. Since then, the average has risen to 23.8 mpg due to the fact many consumers have been choosing models that offer models that achieve higher mileage per gallon, which has been helping drivers to save at the pump.

The new fuel economy standards have led to an overall saving of 6.1 billion gallons of fuel since 2007, reports show. For more details, read the full article here:

Study shows U.S. automotive fuel economy at all-time high

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