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These Advanced Auto Technologies Could Be Widely Available Soon

Multiple automakers have been participating in a race to make cars safer, more reliable and more efficient than ever before. The push for innovation and development of technology is also making cars more intelligent, experts say. Some of these technologies are slowly paving the way for the creation of vehicles and features that seemed almost dream-like until not too long ago.

Some of the new technologies gaining ground and pushing for even more advanced vehicles are being analyzed by some experts. They decided to pick some of the most promising features and technologies in order to identify exactly what kind of features consumers should start getting more used to seeing more often on the roads.

One of the technologies listed was something described as gaze control. According to experts, drivers worried about being distracted due to the constant adjusting of the radio, iPod, navigation systems, etc, could soon put any worries behind them. The gaze control system could identify your gaze and perform the task you want performed without ever having to be controlled by a hand gesture. Some may think this technology is light-years away, but reality says otherwise: the concept is being currently tested as an active part of the Hyundai Genesis, HND-9.

Self-driving technology is already a reality, as most of you might know.  Experts believe that the technology that makes it possible for drivers to kick back and enjoy the ride instead of having to operate their vehicles as they look out their window could be available to us in the near future. The self-driving cars being developed by Google and other companies are already being tested and could be soon be available. According to companies working on this innovation, this technology could make roads safer because the autonomous vehicles would rule out any human error, preventing crashes that are mainly caused due to the driver’s miscalculation.

Accident avoidance technology is already widely available. Some systems already offer warnings and beeps every time there’s another car or a person in your blind spot, or whenever the driver attempts to change lanes while another vehicle is already occupying the next lane. Other systems also offer automated braking for when the vehicle is about to hit an object, pedestrian or another car. Soon, night vision cameras on the dashboard will also be a common feature, and so are vehicles with the capacity to adjust their speed automatically.

Experts have also highlighted how the app center is changing how automakers see the process of developing connectivity technology. Drivers with smartphones will soon be able to add apps to their vehicles, which could increase efficiency, connectivity and make drivers able to offer passengers much more entertainment features.

In spite of the many concerns related to distractions, some believe this could be a groundbreaking system that will soon be available to most vehicles.

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